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Asked Questions

Q : When do you open?

Our online shop is always open for delivery or click & collect orders.

We will open our gates to both Beeston and Wilford sites

on Friday 24th November at 2pm.


Our opening hours for BEESTON are:  

Weekdays - 2pm to 6:30pm

Saturday - 9am to 6pm

Sunday - 10.30am to 4pm

and WILFORD are:


Wednesday-Friday 2pm-6:30pm

Saturday - 9am to 6pm

Sunday - 10.30am to 4pm


Q: Are you delivering?


We can leave your tree on the doorstep or in a safe place

(please specify when you place an order).

Deliveries begin on Thursday 23rd November.

We deliver on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

We deliver within 10 miles of our site in Beeston,

or within 15 miles if agreed prior to placing your order. 

Please note: Accessible delivery & installation is available at checkout

for customers who are unable to do it themselves. 


Q: Great that you source locally.

Are you doing anything else to help the environment?

Yes! In order to limit our carbon footprint, we are grouping our deliveries together by area.

This is the reason we only deliver trees three days a week and

why we only deliver within a 15 mile radius. 

We have also invested in compostable netting for our trees

so don't just throw it in landfill!

Q: Is there a cheaper delivery alternative for customers in the NG9 postcode


Yes! If you are flexible about the date of delivery,

we will deliver your trees anytime during your preferred week.

This helps us to group our deliveries by area and reduce our carbon footprint.

This delivery option costs £6.


Q: How do you select the trees for collection and delivery? 

We will always endeavour to select the most appropriate tree to match your order.

As soon as you order, we put your tree aside with a label.

For whatever reason, if we do not have the tree that you ordered

then we will be in contact to organise a suitable alternative as soon as possible. 

There is more flexibility for click & collect customers.

If you arrive and another tree catches your eye, you are welcome to make a swap.

Q: What height will my tree actually be?

Our trees are graded in cm and within a range.

Your tree will be within the height range you have ordered.

However, we cannot guarantee that it will be at the very top of the range.


Q: Where do your trees come from?

We are proud to say that all of our trees are grown in the UK, the vast majority of which come from the Midlands. A small number of our trees are grown in Scotland. 

It is very common for real Christmas trees to be imported,

travelling thousands of miles, and several weeks,

before they reach the shop. Not ours!


Q: How long will my tree last? 

Cut Trees

Nordmann and Fraser Firs should look good for 3-4 weeks in most environments,

and longer if it's a cool environment with no draft!


Norway Spruces drop needles easily and are only at their best for approximately 2 weeks.


Please ensure you keep topping up the water in your tree stand to prolong it's life.

Avoid subjecting the tree to regular changes in temperature.


Pot Grown trees

Pot grown trees shouldn't be kept inside for longer than 12 days.

So we recommend you keep your tree outside and bring it in as late as you can.

Don't forget to pop it back outside after Christmas.


You can keep pot grown trees from year to year as long as they are kept outside in cool/shady conditions with reasonable moisture.

They don't like strong, hot sunshine or being dry for a long time. ​​


Q: There are so many varieties! What is the difference?

Pot Grown trees:

Pot grown trees are grown in the pot so still have their roots

They tend to be under 4ft in height.

You can plant your tree outdoors during the Spring and bring it back in next Christmas!

There are several varieties of shape and colour:

Nordmann Firs - tend to be soft to touch, wide and bushy

Fraser Firs - grow narrower in shape and have a blue hue to their needles

Norway Spruce - well scented but will drop needles, the traditional choice 


Cut trees:

Cut trees cannot be replanted but offer a much wider choice of shape and size.


Nordmann Firs - the most popular choice as they don't drop needles and grow bushy

Fraser Firs - also don't drop their needles but grow narrower, ideal for smaller homes

Norway Spruce - the traditional choice but tend to drop sharp needles!

These are best bought after 14th December to give them a chance of retaining needles through to Christmas Day.



Q: Can you collect my tree after Christmas?

Yes! We collect Christmas trees in early January.

These trees are chipped and used as garden Mulch. 

If you would like your tree collecting,

please add this as a product before you check out online.

Alternatively, if you are buying from our shop,

please let us know that you would like collection

(we will need your contact details and address!).

Thank you ! We will be in touch

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