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Why do Christmas trees have such a spindly top this year?

It may make them easier to decorate, but the trend for spindly tops and bushy bottoms on this year's batch of Christmas trees is no accident, according to growers, we'll try our best to get a wide Variety

Two mild winters have meant fewer branches are growing at the tops of the 2014 crop of Christmas trees, because they have been shooting upwards too quickly.

Gardeners have said many of the fir trees grown in England have displayed unusually large gaps between branches towards the top of the tree.

The spindly tops have been matched by a generous bounty of branches at the bottom of the tree, leaving them looking bushier than those produced in recent years.

The shape has been pleasing to many consumers who have found the bottom-heavy trees easier to decorate, with sturdy lower branches to bear the weight of tinsel and lights,

but hey hoe whats not to love

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