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Image by Nathan Fertig
Giving a tree a longer life 

For the time being our best current option is for you to buy a living tree from either Beeston or Wilford site, which you can have delivered

with the option to have it picked up in January(no charge)  for us to care for ongoing.

We recommend putting the tree in a cool environment away from direct heat sources, ideally place a tray underneath the pot so you're able to gauge when you've overwatered.

We would generally advise the trees shouldn't be inside for more than 3 1/2 weeks. more information on our care sheet via the link on the homepage


From the first week of January fill in the form below and attach a photo of your tree. We will arrange to come and pick your tree up free of charge, we are developing this idea. 

Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

We are on the lookout for future suggestions and help developing this idea, we could also do with a small amount of land around the Nottingham area. Fill in the form if you have any ideas  🌲🌲

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